Aquador Retreat

If you are looking for a place to spend your time relaxing and enjoying in the sauna, soothe yourself by going to Aquador Retreat. The spa is located Adelaide Hills, just a 30-minute ride from the city. What makes the exceptional is their chlorine free underground water which is high in relaxation minerals. The retreat specializes in the use of hydrotherapy. They are presenting the theory that water calm your emotions, sweating removes bad body elements thus detoxifying it and relaxation affects your soul.

You can stay there for a day or spend the night by availing their Bed and Breakfast package. Other packages include Reflect and Relax for a 2-day weekend and 5-day or 7-day Detox Retreat.

Undress and merged into the wellness center which includes infrared sauna, traditional hot sauna and cold plunge pool. Massage therapy, enzyme peel treatment, aromatherapy, deep cleansing clay facial and many more spa treats are also accessible.

When you visit common spas, after the treatment you still feel like your relaxation is incomplete. In Aquador Retreat you will have a wonderful experience that will bring out an extraordinarily comforting change in your lifestyle.